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CGA Demonstration Press Release
The Citrus Growers Association takes this opportunity to thank all the growers and friends of the CGA for the out pouring of support and attendance for today’s demonstration.

Growers turned out in good numbers and discussed the issues facing the Citrus Industry and other sectors in Belize.  We thank all the leaders from the Belizean Coalition for Justice, the Rice Farmers Association and Sectors for sharing their words of wisdom and encouragement.

In discussion with all partners we have decided to postpone tomorrow’s demonstration due to the unconstitutional action by the Police on the instruction of Belmopan to prevent our tractors, vehicles and buses to join in our peaceful procession.

We await Government’s response to our request namely to:
  • Issue a public statement after Tuesday’s Cabinet meeting explaining government’s position on the Alan Slusher email and clarifying once and for all government's policy and intention regarding the Citrus Growers Association, the Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association, the Banana Growers Association, the Rice Growers Association and by extension any such Association like these that exist in our laws.
  • Until it is amended, ensure that the citrus production and processing act is adhered to so as to allow for the smooth operation of the industry.
  • Tangibly support the CGA and its growers in their vision to transform our industry from a citrus juice industry to a tropical fruit juice industry by assisting with the buying out of the Banks Holdings Ltd shares in CPBL.
  • Ensure that the growers who are not members of the CGA contribute their fair share to the effort to control the citrus greening disease in Belize.
  • Consider and approve the recommendations in the cabinet paper addressing issues dealing with citrus nurseries and submitted for government’s consideration several times dating as far back to August 2011.
  • Ensure that our security forces act responsibly and not encite or harm those of us who will be demonstrating to exert our majority ownership in CPBL
  • Review the services of CEO José Alpuche and advisor Alan Slusher as their actions, based on our understanding following discussions with the Hon. Prime Minister, are not carrying out the policy of the Government of Belize.
  • Task the Hon. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture to meet with the CGA Committee of Management on Wednesday morning October 31st 2012 at 10:00 a.m. at the CGA conference room to work with us in finding amicable solutions to our concerns above and arrive on a definitive course of action that will end this crisis in the citrus industry.

Government’s response will determine our further action.

The Committee of Management and members of the Citrus Growers Association are requesting the support of the Business Community in Southern Belize; to stand in solidarity with the citrus growers against corruption and unfairness in the citrus industry by closing your doors for business  on Tuesday, October 30, 2012.
This industry has remained in crisis for far too long. This industry is the number one income earner and is the major stimulus for economic activity in the south.

We look forward for your cooperation and assistance in ensuring that we have a industry  where more people can participate and amass wealth to educate our children and improve the overall social and economic welfare of  Belize.
URGENT - Notice to Growers
CPBL is proposing to open for processing on October 24, 2012 . However,  CGA has on received the first Fruit Price Submission for Grapefruit and no submission was received for Oranges. The submission for Grapefruit was received on Friday, October 19, 2012 and the CGA requested a meeting with CPBL on Tuesday at 10:00 am to consider the Grapefruit submission but has yet to receive a reply.

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Area-Wide Integrated Management System

The recently approved technical cooperation project funded by the  Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United  Nations entitled "Assistance to manage Huanglongbing in Belize" will assist Belize in implementing  an Area-Wide Integrated Management System (AIMs) for the  Asian Citrus Psyllid in Belize. This initiative is coordinated through the research arm of the Citrus Growers Association (CGA), the Citrus Research and Education Institute (CREI) and the Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA).

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