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Accuweather Update - Jan 4th, 2010

Accuweather Update
January 04, 2010
While freezing temperatures will continue to challenge citrus producers into Tuesday, the next cold wave scheduled to begin this weekend could bring even lower temperatures to agricultural areas in Florida, Texas and much of the Gulf Coast.

According to Agricultural Meteorologist, Dale Mohler, "Temperatures over much of citrus country in Florida will dip to between 27 and 34 degrees again Tuesday morning and perhaps Wednesday morning."

Mohler added that the cold won't be severe enough, long enough to cause severe damage, this time.

However, there is every indication that the next arctic outbreak will bring lower temperatures to Texas beginning Thursday and starting in Florida this weekend.

That next cold blast will enter the northern Plains Tuesday night and Wednesday and will follow a large swath of snow that will visit much of the South later in the week.

Temperatures have the potential to average 3 to 5 degrees lower in Florida during the next blast.

The risk of damaging cold to citrus, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables will stretch from southern Texas to Louisiana to Florida.

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Many citrus producers continue to take preventative measures to guard against the frosts and freezes.

These measures include spraying the groves with water and the use of smudge pots. Both measures are only effective in marginal temperature situations.

Some producers have chosen to harvest their crop early, at a lower price, rather than risk a severe loss. A frost or light freeze actually sweetens the citrus crop. meteorologists will continue to monitor the severity of the coming freeze this weekend.

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