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Termination Letter to Henry Canton
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December 21, 2010

Henry Canton
Sittee River
Stann Creek District

Dear Mr. Canton,

Re:    Termination of Employment with Citrus Products of Belize Limited

As you are aware, your employment with Citrus Products of Belize Limited (“the Company”) was ipso facto terminated by the Company in general meeting with immediate effect on the 17th of December, 2010.  You were notified in writing of this fact on the same date.

To be absolutely clear, you are no longer the CEO or an employee of the Company.  You are no longer authorized to act or conduct business on behalf of the Company in any capacity whatsoever. You are not permitted to enter upon or have access to the premises of the Company or to retain in your possession any of the property of the Company without the prior consent of the Company and its Board of Directors.  No consent has been given and no consent will be given. 

Should you seek to or otherwise purport to act on behalf of the Company in any manner, you will be acting in deceit, committing fraudulent misrepresentations and otherwise unlawfully interfering with the economic and other interests of the Company.  Should you enter upon the premises of the Company, you will be committing trespass.  Should you retain any of the property of the Company in your possession, you will be committing detinue and possibly conversion.  Please be cautioned that any such actions are not merely civil wrongs but may amount to criminal wrongs as well.

It is regrettable that we must now put you on such notice.  We hope that you will do the right thing and discontinue forthwith from engaging in any activities or course of conduct that will not only tarnish your reputation but that may force the Company to seek any and all legal redress against you as may be available to it at law.

Yours sincerely,


EGM of CPBL of December 17th 2010

c.c.    Directors of CPBL
c.c.    Kent Herrera- CFO - CPBL

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