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Citrus Fruit Final Payment for 2010-2011
Final prices for oranges and grapefruit delivered to Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) for 2010-2011 crop year have been announced. These prices are accepted pending a critical review by the Citrus Growers Association and in the interest of a timely payment to growers.

Orange: $1.9964 per pound solid (Pps) or $12.5494 per box
Grapefruit: $1.6842 per pound solid (Pps) or $6.8001 per box

Growers will receive the final fruit payment on Thursday, September 15, 2011. The September 15th payment will be $0.2950 per pound solid or $1.8543 per box for orange and for grapefruit this payment will be $0.3509 per pound solid or $1.3848 per box. Growers are reminded that where applicable the outstanding $0.04 per box and $0.01 per box for HLB Citrus Greening control and for the Mex-Fly program will be deducted.

Growers are advised that this year the difference in juice yield between the Pound Solids Lab and the factory was 102,999 extra pound solids for grapefruit and 446,201 ps more for oranges.  

Growers are advised that unlike the previous two crop years the yield for both factories are above the Pound Solids Labs.  We attribute this to the recommendations coming out of the Citrus Control Board sanctioned arbitration exercise.  Growers will be compensated for these additional solids.

While the prices this year reflect an increase over prior years, growers still did not benefit fully from the existing market conditions this year. This is because CPBL over contracted some 10 million solids at last years’ lower prices and had to use products from this year to satisfy those contract at last year’s lower prices.    Also a large sale of 6.7 million orange pound solids was made to the Dominican Republic at US$1.31 per pound solids, when the market prices ranged from US$1.41 ps to US $2.00 and averaged US$1.67 per pound solids.

In the case of grapefruit the average selling price was US$1,814 MT when the market range was US$1,950 - $2,500/MT.

While the efforts of your CGA did result in better prices there is still room for improvement.  We see this coming through improved transparency and accountability and the selling of products for the best possible price.

Growers can pick up their fruit payment cheques at the Citrus Growers & Workers Credit Union office as per usual.

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