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CREI’s Agronomists Undergo GIS Training through WWF
On October 30 to November 1, 2012, personnel from the Citrus Research and Education Institute (CREI) will attend an intense 3 day Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training course being conducted specifically for CREI’s Agronomy staff at CGA’s Administrative complex. This training is being organized under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). GIS is a powerful tool that can be used in a wide array of disciplines including Agriculture and has been employed in our citrus industry from 2003. CGA has been using GIS on several programs including the Huanglongbing (HLB) monitoring and surveillance, The Mexican Fruit Fly Project monitoring and identification of hot spots, for the mapping of Farm plots in the industry-wide data gathering initiative,  the Identification and monitoring of hot spots regarding the newly found leprosis disease management program. GIS has also been used to aid in the recently implemented Area-Wide Implementation Management System (AIMS) for the control of the Asian Citrus Psyllid (ACP) program.
In addition to the current usage of GIS technology being employed by CGA this powerful tool can also be used for  the surveilance, modelling and management of soils, agricultural planning, air and water quality, meteorologic prediction and modeling; Localization of pests and relationship with environmental factors. In Forestry; for management, planning and optimization of extraction of wood and wood plantations.

This tree day course will cover topics like; What is GIS, Basic Data formats, How does ArcMap 10 works, How to analyze GPS Data, Satellite images as a source of information, Understanding satellite images, Basic Analysis tools of the raster and vector formats, How to edit polygons, How to calculate area / distances, How to localize insect hotspots, and how to prepare a map with all the important information (data frames, legend, north arrow, graphical scale, grids).

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