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Increase in Estimated Final Price for Orange

Growers are hereby advised that due to recent increases in world market prices for FCOJ and in line with the Price Formula Agreement with the factory, the Committee of Management requested and received a new first Fruit Price Submission for Orange. This revised first Fruit Price Submission has been provisionally accepted pending review.

New Estimated Final Price for Orange is $1.49 PPS (per pound solid) or $8.8348 per box based on a per box yield of 5.9 pound solids. This is up from the first Estimated Final Price of $1.2001 PPS or $7.0804 per box.

The new "First Payment Advance" to Growers is $0.9733 PPS or $5.7426 per box. This is up from the first "First Payment Advance" of $0.7800 PPS or $4.6022 per box. Since the factory just started receiving Oranges on Tuesday, November 20, 2012, all payments for Orange delivered will based on the new Estimated Final Price.

Growers are encouraged to participate in ongoing spraying activities that form part of the Area-wide Integrated Management System to control the Asian Citrus Psyllid . Also, please ensure that you get your fruits tested for maturity ratio before delivery to the factory. You can get your delivery schedule and licence from the CGA prior to delivering your fruits to the factory.

For further information please contact the CGA at 522-3585/3547/3535

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