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The Citrus Growers Association of British Honduras was formed in 1952 and made the following statement its mission: To promote, foster and encourage the growing of Citrus by the farmers. By 1955 there were 301 registered growers with 1482 acres of grapefruit and 2238 acres of oranges. The government brought in the Citrus (Processing and Production) Ordinance in 1967, giving more stability to the industry.

In addition Regional Research Center of the University of the West Indies, under the Citrus Research Scheme, started carrying out research in Belize in areas of fertilization, rootstock and pest control at the same time.

In 1964 citrus production reached 1,000,000 total boxes. The Citrus Processing and Production Ordinance was passed in 1967 and at this point the citrus industry was recognized by law. In the same year Citrus Growers Association was made responsible for citrus research and education in the industry through the Citrus Research Scheme.

The Citrus Research Scheme was renamed in 1981 to the Research and Extension Unit of the Citrus Growers Association and began extending regular extension service to growers and by 1982, the CGA membership was 324 growers owning 12,000 acres of citrus.

The Research Unit of the Citrus Growers Association became a semi-autonomous body to conduct research and extension and was renamed as the Citrus Research and Education Institute (CREI) in 1992.

At present CREI still retains its name and is an internationally recognized institution but its status has reverted to being the research arm of CGA. The Citrus Research and Education Institute consist of the Laboratory unit for disease testing and diagnostics, soils and leaf analysis service. The Belize Citrus Certification Program ensures healthy and disease free planting materials for the industry. It also has an Extension service that help citrus growers improve their farm productivity through technical and financial advice.

The Citrus Growers Association acquired the Del Oro Belize Ltd. in October 2002. Under new management the pound solids system of payment was introduced for oranges in 2003 crop and for grapefruit in 2004 crop and continues to date. The CGA now owns on behalf of growers 51% of the shares in Citrus Products of Belize Ltd.This means that that all aspects of citrus production in Belize, from the tree planting to fruit processing to product selling are now grower owned and managed.


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