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Administrative, Financial and Sales Division (AFS) Services:
The AFS division of CGA provides quality services to growers to improve productivity. The Administrative Services accesses funds for on-lending to growers to finance their grove operations. In addition, CGA negotiates the best fruit prices for growers and makes sure that growers are well represented both in the national and international citrus communities.

CGA ensures that growers are fairly represented in the citrus industry at all levels of activities. Fruit prices are negotiated with the processors in order for growers to get paid fairly for their fruit. CGA assists in securing markets, lobbying for Government policies that are in the best interest of growers, represent Belizean citrus growers at national and international meetings.


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CREI laboratory service
Citrus Research and Education Institute (CREI) Services:
CREI - Citrus Research & Education Institute - achieves its mission through the provision of a wide range of services - designed to do two things: firstly, to increase the industry's production of high quality citrus fruits and secondly to safeguard the citrus industry from being devastated by pests and diseases.

Growers receive on-farm advice and training through workshops from our Extension & Education Unit, obtain high quality plants, seeds and budwood from nurseries certified under the CREI's BCCP and obtain fertilizer and liming recommendations through the soil and leaf analysis service. CREI also sells certified citrus plants, budwood and seeds from our own nursery and growers can order novel varieties of citrus from the CREI variety collection. Through the laboratory, CREI provides a diagnostic service for a wide a range of diseases and survey teams conduct regular country-wide scouting for regional diseases that are not present in Belize. Research is also being conducted by CREI on new rootstock varieties and CREI has also developed procedures to obtain adults of what has become known as the trunk girdling larvae: obtaining an adult made formal identification of the pest possible. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) provides funding and technical support to CREI to develop novel methods for controlling weeds and to increase fertilizer use efficiency. The Mexican fruit fly has been a devastating pest for grapefruit growers for many years and CREI's current Mex-fly project has improved the methods growers use to control the pest and is currently working to establish areas of Mex-fly low-prevalence using area-wide-control procedures.

Soil Workshop Mexfly trapping service

The results of all this work is presented to growers through CREI's information and publications unit - with the production of newsletters, brochures and the maintenance of this website. Further details of these programmes are included throughout this website!


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