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Admin., Finance & Sales
The CGA provides a range of administrative, financial and retail sales services to its members, stakeholders and the general public in certain instances. The objects or function of the CGA as outlined in Section 21 (1) of the Citrus Production and Processing Act Chapter 277 of the Substantive Laws of Belize Revised Edition 2000 are as follows:

21.-(1) The objects of the Association shall be:

(a) to promote, foster and encourage the growing of citrus and the orderly and proper delivery thereof to processors and the extension and welfare of citrus growing as an industry;

(b) to assist in the preparation of or the settling of terms for contracts between producers and processors and with labour;

(c) to assist in settling disputes which may arise between producers and processors, between producers and labour, and between producers inter se;

(d) to act as agents for producers or any of them in any matter within the scope or objects of the Association and to undertake and execute any trusts or any agency business which may seem directly or indirectly condu-cive to the objects of the Association;

(e) to make representations to the Minister on any matter affecting the interests of producers;

(f) to buy and sell and deal in fertilizers and agricultural implements and supplies if and when it may be deemed necessary to do so for the benefit of the members of the Association;

(g) to invest and deal with the moneys of the Association in such manner as may from time to time be determined by the Committee and to pay all costs, charges and expenses that may be incurred by the Association at any time;

(h) to undertake, promote and facilitate the investment of monies of the Association either alone or in association with other persons or entities, including the formation of companies or corporations conducive to the attainment of its aims and objectives;

(i) to establish and support and to aid in the establishment and support of any other association and to become members of any such associations in Belize or elsewhere formed for all or any of the objects of the Association;

(j) to endeavour to obtain for and to extend financial aid to such members who may require such aid in the carrying on of their cultivation;

(k) to borrow or raise or secure the payment of money for the purposes of the business of the Association;

(l) generally to do all such acts, matters and things as may appear to the Committee to be conducive to the attainment of the above aims and objects or any of them.


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