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The first delimiting survey for the presence of greening was conducted in May / June 2009 - shortly after the first reports (1st May 2009) that the disease was present in the country. By a delimiting survey we mean a survey that is designed to determine the limits or boundaries of the disease - thus the survey was not a tree-by-tree survey but more an area by area survey - looking for incidences of the disease and taking suspect samples to the lab for diagnosis. Experience from other regions with HLB has shown that incidences and symptoms of HLB appear first along the grove edges and corners - and would therefore be seen along road sides - highways and farm-tracks.

As can be seen on the maps the May/June delimiting survey revealed that HLB was found to be present in backyard trees Image in all districts, in some groves Image and in some nurseries Image. The majority of the incidences were found to be in the Stann Creek District around the Dangriga, Hopkins, Sarawee and Silk Grass areas.

Visitors to this website will be kept up to date on the latest survey finding as they become available. Growers who find suspect symptoms in their grove should contact CREI or BAHA - and bring some leaf samples into the CREI laboratory where we can do a test for the presence of the HLB-greening bacteria. Infected trees should be removed as soon as possible, to prevent them from becoming a source for spreading the disease further around the grove.

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