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Allowing Movement of Plants
The second SI No. 122 of 2009 was signed by the Minister of Agriculture, on 26th October 2009, now permitting the movement of citrus planting material (and plants of other hosts of the disease and the vector (ACP)) but only with a relevant BAHA permit. This is the SI that is currently in force and is of most relevance to citrus growers and the nursery owners. The main features of the SI are that by law:
  • Any person who finds HLB-greening or suspects that they see HLB-greening anywhere in Belize must inform BAHA.
  • Citrus planting material (or plant species of the order Rutaceae) - except citrus fruit -cannot be moved without a permit from BAHA. The permit stipulates under which conditions (see below) the plants can be moved and planted. The nursery owner selling and the grower planting the plants must agree to the conditions.
  • If HLB-greening disease was found to be present in their nursery inform their customers of this fact.
  • Nursery owners who wish to plant their nursery trees in an area adjacent to their nursery do not need a permit to do so, but they carry out such planting at their own risk. BAHA is only issuing permits for the movement of citrus plants to areas where HLB-greening has already been found to occur at relatively high rates. Such planting is not being recommended by BAHA or CGA and is occurring entirely at the grove owners own risk.

No permits are currently being issued, and so no planting is currently permitted to occur, in the areas along the whole of the Western Highway (Belize City to the western border) or in the north of Belize (Belize District, Orange Walk and Corozal Districts). As these areas of the country are relatively free of the disease, planting will only be permitted with plants that have been obtained from certified screened nurseries.


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