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Conditions on Permit
BAHA permits for the movement of nursery plants are issued with attached conditions. These conditions must be adhered to by the nursery owners moving the plants and by the grove owner receiving the plants. They aim to ensure that the plants are frequently monitored for the presence of HLB (to ensure that any plants found to be infected with HLB infection are immediately destroyed) and to ensure that the grower effectively controls the vector (Asian Citrus Psyllid) of the disease.

These conditions may vary from time to time but the current conditions that are stipulated on the permit are as follows:

The nursery owner and growers using the plants being moved under this permit acknowledge that BAHA does not recommend the use of these citrus trees in groves. Nursery owners who sell and growers who use these plants in groves acknowledge that they do so at their own risk.

Nursery owners using the plants stipulated under this permit agree that they will adhere to the following conditions:

    (a) If HLB-greening disease was found to be present in their nursery inform their customers of this fact
    (b) Destroy any plants in the nursery that are found to be HLB-positive
    (c) Inform their customers of the risks involved in using plants that have been exposed to the HLB-greening disease. All citrus plants that have not been produced under screened conditions should be considered as having being exposed to greening
    (d) Provide BAHA with written documentation that customers buying the plants acknowledge they understand the risks associated with using the plants and that they are prepared to accept the risk
    (e) Provide written documentation to BAHA that the customers purchasing the plants agree to:
      (i) Regularly monitor the groves for the presence of HLB-greening and report the presence of HLB-greening symptoms in the grove to BAHA
      (ii) Regularly apply recommended insecticides to the plants to control populations of the HLB-greening vector, Asian Citrus Psyllid
      (iii) Apply an effective citrus nutrition programme to the plants
      (iv) Remove and destroy any plants found to be infected with HLB-greening as soon as they are found to be infected

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